“The” Disclosure Report Silver – $55.95

    This silver report should only be used for transactions described in ca civil code 1103.1 For 1103.1 transaction descriptions Click here

    “The” Disclosure Report Gold – $79.95

    NHD + Notice of Special Tax Assessment Report
    Includes “The” Disclosure Report Silver PLUS Supplemental Tax Report

    “The” Disclosure Report Platinum – $99.95

    NHD + Notice of Special Tax Assessment Report + Environmental Report
    Includes “The” Disclosure Report Gold PLUS Environmental Concerns Report

    “The” California Drought Report – $49.99

    Includes the Drought Advisory statement providing ‘Safe Harbor’ to Brokers and Agents and discloses important drought related issues like subsidence, water restrictions, and groundwater contaminants.

    $25,000 Sellers Protection Plan

    If you or your office are insured by CRES insurance services, when you order “The” Disclosure Report Gold or Platinum your seller receives the $25,000 Sellers Protection plan benefits*.

Not a CRES insured? Or, if you have any questions, please contact your Disclosure Reports representative at

*see SPP contract for details